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Desktop Services & Repair

Data Center Desktop Repair

Don't pay costly diagnostics fees!

If you do not know what is wrong with your desktop computer, we offer bench diagnostics for $29.00. If you decide to select one of our services below, we will apply this fee towards the service. 

Data Center Bench Diagnostics

Desktop Computer Setup


Optional: $29.00 

We install and configure a Windows Operating System with the latest Microsoft updates on a new or restored computer and provide any other support as needed. For an extra $29.00, we can also create a restore drive for your data's safety.

                            Get data security too!

Secure Data

 Desktop Computer Setup

Desktop Peripheral Install


We install all types of peripheral data devices including, but not limited to, hard drives, card readers, and CD readers. We connect these devices to your computer, download the necessary drivers, and test the devices for proper functioning.

Desktop Peripheral Install 

Desktop Memory Install


We will remove your old memory component and replace it with the provided memory component, which we will then test for proper functioning. Memory component is sold separately.

Desktop Memory Install 

Desktop Motherboard Install


We will replace the desktop's motherboard. Motherboard is sold separately.

 Desktop Motherboard Install

Desktop General Labor (1/2 hour)


This includes any unlisted service for your desktop computer.

Desktop General Labor